Bumping into problems while compiling Code::Blocks

I was trying to get a x86_64 build of Code::Blocks for Windows so I compiled Code::Blocks myself.

Code::Blocks:	r10020 from SVN and 13.12-1 from their homepage
Compiler:		MinGW-w64 x86_64-4.9.1-release-posix-seh-rt_v3-rev3
Boost:			1.56
wxWidgets:		3.0.2
FortranProject:	1.2 from svn

Everything except the SpellChecker worked fine. I managed to build both the svn version and the stable version, but neither of them ran properly with the plugin.
The plugin is making C::B crash.

I registered an account of C::B Forums but it seemed that they had problems sending activation email, so I cannot login yet.

Anyway, this is my build. Take it if you need. It will be my great pleasure if it can save your time. And if you know how to solve the problem, please comment here. Thanks!

(RAR5 Archives)
codeblocks svn build r10020 wx302 boost156 x86_64 core.rar
codeblocks svn build r10020 wx302 boost156 x86_64 full without spellchecker.rar